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Hand held battery operated 3 in 1 radiation hazard (EMF) detector. Detects areas where harmful levels of radiation exist in your home or workplace. 3 different types of radiation detected 1. Electrical Field Radiation (EF), 2. Magnetic Field Radiation (MF) and 3. Radiofrequency Radiation (RF).


Visual and audible indication, GREEN = SAFE, AMBER = ALERT, RED = AVOID. Beeps to give a warning. Battery operated (not included, option to add when ordering).  


Electromagnetic radiation at elevated levels is proven to be hazardous to human body health and associated with various conditions including various cancers (childhood leukaemia), disorders to the reproductive system, nervous system, immune system (lowers white blood cell count) plus a variety of other health conditions.

Handheld Hazardous Radiation Detector

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