This universal analogue input display meter can be very easily custom configured to display the engineering units of the application eg. 2 to 12 (pH), 0 to 50 (Hz), 0 to 16 (Bar) etc. etc. The configurable display range is -1999 to 1999 via 1 x analogue signal input (current 0-20mA or 4-20mA or voltage 0-10V or 2-10V). Default display is 0-100.0%


Available in 2 versions one display only, the other with a fully configurable relay output (as a trip amp). Select your required version when adding to cart

Analogue Panel Mount Display mA or Volts Inputs

  • 2 versions:
    Standard version – display only. Part no DDM-01 
    Relay output version – display+relay output.  Part no DDM-01--RL

    •    Standard version, supply voltage range: 6~25VDC, power consumption 40mA @ 24VDC. 
    •    Relay output version, supply voltage range: 8~25VDC, power consumption: 50mA @ 24VDC
    •    Power supply polarity protection and surge protection
    •    1 analogue input, voltage or current
    •    0.56 inch 4-digit digital display 0-100% by default, easily configurable to the process engineering variable.
    •    Voltage input impedance: >30kQ, current input impedance: <250Ω
    •    Relay output version - 1 normally open volt free relay output. Resistive load capacity: 3A 30VDC / 3A 240VAC
    •    IP40 for indoor use only, install in a weatherproof enclosure for outdoor use
    •    Anti-tamper feature automatically disables front buttons denying accidental access to configuration menu.

    Dimensions: 79×43×25mm: panel cut out: 76.5×39.5mm.