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Protect your family with air purification technology featuring a HEPA filter combined with negative ion generation technology. Use filter alone or switch to operating with the built in negative ION generator. HEPA filtration technology cleanses air of toxic particles, smoke, odours etc. 


Negative ION therapy delivers allergy relief, Regulates sleep patterns and moods, reduces stress, boosts the immune system and reduces or kills airborne bacteria and viruses. 

Breatheze Air Purifier

£69.95 Regular Price
£59.95Sale Price
    1. Rated voltage: 12V DC. Power consumption: 18W
    2. Connection Type: USB
    3. Negative ION release: 10x20g PCS/cm2
    4. Air purification area up to 120m2
    5. Dual speed
    6. Noise at full speed max:  34dB
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